A pandemic tale

Our New York office entered suspended animation mid-March of 2020. My husband and I, partners in business and life, drained the coffee maker and emptied the fridge — except for the tublets of coffee creamer with an expire date of December. We washed the dishes left by a staff member…

Use these 7 plotting gems and get ‘er done

Many writers peter out before finishing their novels. Don’t let your manuscript end up in a drawer. Mastering plot structure spurs you to finish by giving you definite milestones to aim at. Becoming adept in plotting has the added benefit of improving the quality of your work.

Here are my…

4 steps to launching a group that will supercharge your novel-writing

Plotting groups may be the best-kept secret of successful novel writing. “Find a plotting group” was Tip #3 in my post on completing a manuscript faster. Now, “How do you start a plotting group?” is the number-one question in the comments. There’s very little info out there. …

The five tips that improved my writing time from years to months

My first novel was a decade-long slog. My second took six months.

This experience taught me five key lessons to complete my manuscripts much faster.

1. Spend quality time plotting

The pantsers out there, who write ‘by the seat of their pants,’ hate this idea. I hated this idea, too. …

Here’s one thing you see a lot less of since the pandemic:

Selfie sticks.

It makes sense.

Hello? Masks?

At first, there was the novelty of, “Here’s me in my mask!”

Here’s me at the beach with my mask. Here’s me in the fall leaves with my mask. Here’s me…

A timeline.

Do you know someone who’s not paying their rent?

Me too.

The real estate industry is about to become the mother of all pandemic casualties.

Here’s what’s happening in NYC.

1. People are not paying their rent

No surprise, as there’s been a big increases in eviction complaints nationwide.


Dear Rest of the Country,

Go away.

Seriously. We mean it.

Just fuhggedabout coming to New York.

Here’s what’s going on…

The 1984 graduates of a small girls’ Catholic school have been doing monthly Zoom calls.

Now in our 50s, our experiences are a microcosm of the pandemic.

— Pandemic — Love it

Here’s what’s going on…

— End of days?

Sometimes it feels as if the world may be coming to and end.

First the virus, then economic collapse, now looting.

— Peaceful protests

Here’s a view from my friend’s apartment in Sheridan Square. Vast numbers of peaceful protesters swell the streets.

Anna Murray

Tech expert, novelist, and essay writer with an ticklish funny bone. My novel, “Greedy Heart,” is First Best Book Finalist in the VIVIAN Awards.

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